Monday, March 16, 2009

Red Robster and More Weekend Fun

Bonjour, dear friends. I hope your weekend was lovely and that you got more sleep than moi. Having 2 dogs spend the night is quite different than having 1 dog, lemme tell ya. Plus i consider Lola a pretty low-maintenance pup whereas Sofie, Ma Soeur's darling little beast, is un peu more complex. ;-) I woke up to a very tired Momma Park, a very tired Lola, and a huge puddle of pee in my kitchen. Who's to blame? SOFIE!

That being said, it's been a fun-filled weekend. My sister and her hubby arrived late Friday night, and it's been a whirlwind since then. Jenn (sis) and i spent Saturday getting pampered at the spa, hanging with the dogs, lunching, shopping, dining at 34th Street Cafe for dinner, and having a fun little photoshoot (planning to revamp my blog, more details to come as i will need your help!).

On Sunday, Momma arrived with LOADS of delicious Korean food. After a yummy lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon bargain hunting. First we hit up Neiman Marcus Last Call where i found these gorgeous Michael Kors pumps for a phenomenal price.

Am wearing them today! Mom got cute Cole Haan flats and a to-die-for leather jacket for practically nothing. Afterwards we went to TJ Maxx where i found another pair of shoes (Studio 9 - black suede, peep-toe, T-strap wedges) for even closer to nothing. I know I've been on a shoe buying binge, and my Mom looked at me like i was crazy, but then i reminded her that starting Monday i would be on a spending hiatus, so this was kind of like, my "last supper". She found that hilarious, and therefore didn't interfere with my purchases. (In fact, she bought the Michael Kors pumps for me!)

Oh - funny/not-funny-at-all Mom story. As were perusing the shoe aisles of Neiman Marcus Last Call, i heard my Mom call out excitedly, "LOOK, MIYUN! [that's my korean name] STUDS!!" I looked up to find her holding a pair of black flats with, you guessed it, silver studs. My only response? "STOP READING MY BLOG, MOM!!!" (See previous post.) (Strictly entre nous, i must confess that i found this comment ever so slightly sweet and endearing. Especially since i know my Mom had no idea what "studs" were before she read my blog.)

Last night we met up with the bro-in-law for dinner at one of my Austin faves, East Side Cafe. A delicious end to a great weekend. I left Momma at my apartment with the pups, and she and Jenn are going to pop by the office in a couple of hours to meet up with moi for lunch.

Oh and the whole "Red Robster" thing? At dinner last night, my Mom started telling us a story about how she and Dad went to eat at "Red Robster" after seeing all these commercials for it. I just about fell out of my chair laughing, as i find the switching of "r" and "l" the funniest thing ever. I realize that makes me sound narrow-minded and slightly racist, but it's OK b/c i'm Asian, and she's my Mom, and i just think it's CUTE. In my Mom's world, "refrigerator" = "refrigilator", "Red Lobster" = "Red Robster", and "Royal Lane" = "Loyal Lane". Love it.

Ok should prob. get to work. ;-)



City Girl said...

What a fun weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I was so psyched about the shoes I found yesterday :)

Bonjour Madame said...

Love the shoes! Your mom sounds like a sweetheart.