Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Positive Reinforcement

One of the things i loved most about elementary school was the extraordinary use of stickers in our day-to-day activities. Stickers could be good (remember getting a gold star?) and stickers could be bad (getting a number of them next to your name could indicate behavioral issues), but in the end, i loved them all. As a self-proclaimed sticker enthusiast (you should see my collection), i still use them in my everyday life. They decorate my planner pad, alerting me to important dates and appointments. They can be found all over any snail mail you may be lucky enough to receive from moi. They fill up a LOT of boxes. In short, i heart stickers.

Last summer, when i was studying for the BAR, i picked up some congratulatory stickers - you know the ones that say "A+!!" and "GOOD JOB!" and "Great improvement!" I used them when doing practice problems, and it really made BAR study cheerier (if that's even possible). I so often wish they would use them in the practice of law, as i find positive reinforcement of any kind TRES important to young associates. Unfortunately, most first-year's will tell you that it's hard to come by. Lucky for moi, i've been blessed with the good fortune to work for a partner who is not only the kindest man alive, but VERY GOOD about telling me what a great job i've done. Another partner in the firm for whom i do securities work every now and then tends to be a bit more introverted, and i'm never quite sure what he thinks of my work. (i must admit, he sort of terrifies me.) But not five minutes i nervously sat in his office and reported my findings. Not only did he give me a "that's great! exactly what i was looking for!", but he even SMILED! That's an A+ in my book.

P.S. Thanks for the lovely responses to the cable question!! I think you're right.. it's gotta go! Merci beaucoup for all the helpful feedback. You guys rock :-)

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Melita said...

i am also a huge fan of stickers!