Thursday, March 19, 2009

Le Mood: Part Deux

Woke up exhausted, fat, with frizzy hair and with an equally foul mood. Breathe. Am trying to remember all the good things in my life and not let daily obstacles bring me down. Want to be like the little happy ball above! My suspicion about PMS being the culprit for the other night's breakdown was correct - so throw that into the list.

In an effort to remain positive and not scowl until 5:00 p.m. on Friday (when i can go HOME and VEG and SLEEP), i'm going to make a list of 10 things for which i am grateful. Voila - here i go!

1. My job. In this economy, i am UBER grateful for my ridiculously overpaid, relatively non-stressful job. And my totally cute, kind, patient, and sweet boss.

2. My tax return. Did my taxes (on my own for the first time!) over the weekend, and am excited to put that $$ towards debt. Hooray!

3. My Dad's silver ipod nano - With the recent disappearance of my hot pink nano, i am grateful that i stole my Dad's silver nano (that i bought him for Xmas a couple years back, and which, of course, he NEVER used) so that i am not completely devoid of music at work. Currently playing? Taylor Swift. (Don't hate.)

4. My awesome Mom (aka Momma Park) - She let me cry on the phone to her over a pair of lost shoes. Never once did she say i was being ridiculous or childish or spoiled (all of which i was DEF. being). Love her. (Oh and also b/c she brought me TONS of delicious Korean food and as a result, i've not had to worry about what to cook/buy for dinner at all this week.)

5. My dog, Lola - Because without her, i'd still be crying.

6. My blog readers, aka Y'ALL - Because everytime i get a sweet, empathetic, insightful, helpful, just plain awesome comment from you, my day automatically gets 10X better. Merci for being you.

7. Organic fuji apples and monterrey jack cheese - B/c they have served as my "afternoon snack" for the past few days, and they are delicious both individually and even more so when combined.

8. Twilight - B/c it's being released this Saturday and because Edward Cullen is totally dreamy. That is all.

9. William Fitzsimmons - B/c his music is incredibly soothing, albeit somewhat depressing, and helped me drift off to sleep last night.

10. My Bestie - Pony, if you're reading this, i love you. I miss you. I often wonder how i would've gotten through the past 3.5 years without you. Can't wait for our romantic beach rendez-vous. XOXOXOXOXOXO (p.s. i love that you read my blog now ;-) )


City Girl said...

I am working hard on a gratitude practice myself - I find one way to be really grateful for my life is to read above the law -yes it's depressing, but it's such a reminder of how much worse it could be, kwim?

Kirsten said...

I've been having to do a lot of these lists too recently.

Melita said...

these kinds of lists are very helpful indeed! makes you realize just how much you have to be grateful for. (also good idea for a future blog, thanks for that!) i know what you mean about getting comments on your blog. since i am a newbie blogger i am literally bubbly to see comments. they do make your day much better. :) so (raise a glass of --insert nearest drink here--) here's to making you day better!!

K.Imaginelli said...

this list was soothing to read~~i'm having a frustrating fat frizz day too. so reading your list has helped me refocus on more positive thoughts merci beaucoup!

Bonjour Madame said...

Great list. This really does work to help lift me out of a bad mood. Today I'm grateful for non humid air. It's the little things. :)