Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's Your Signature Color?

I've always been one to LOVE color and lots of it. My apartment is a rainbow of cheery yellows, purples, corals, greens... but my absolute favorite color is, of course, PINK. I find that most girls either love or hate pink (few are ambivalent), and while i am, of course, an equal opportunist when it comes to pinks, my go-to shade is hot HOT pink. My bestie L calls it my "signature color". I must confess, having a signature color rocks (people often buy you random fun pink things just b/c they know you love it so much). I highly recommend it. ;-)

Anyway, point is, i was thrilled to find this awesome photo on The Sartorialist yesterday. This, my friends, is the BEST pink. I am loving it against the all-black.

Image from The Sartorialist

Those sick shoes put me on a hot pink high, and i am thinking my toes definitely need to be coated in Nars Schiap...

The darling Kimberly Wilson knows i'm on a (temporary!) shopping hiatus and therefore has graciously set aside one of these incredible bamboo wraps for moi to purchase later. (isn't she the best??) You can get your own here.

Now, in other non-shopping related news, i've had a really. bad. week. Nothing in particular has happened, and i totally blame the uncharacteristically gloomy weather, but i've just wanted to cry every single day. Except today! I'm determined to remain upbeat. (It helps that tomorrow is Friday.)

Btw, i apologize that my blog has been so... girly/spendy/shopping-y lately. It's just a phase, i swear.

Should get some work done now... ciao!


City Girl said...

The bamboo wrap hoodie rocks! I have one of the hoodies in black. I guess black is kind of by default become my signature color (or lack of color) - I had a long pink phase (and i still wear my hot pink coat from Banana with much love) but it's tempered. Then I moved on to grays and purples, but lately, not even that. Whereas I always find items I love in black.

As for decorating - it was a lot of pinks and purples before I got married - now I have subdued it towards grays and flaxes with pops of colors so the DH feels comfortable in our little 500 square feet.

It's been an ugly week for me and many people I know -here's to it almost being the weekend!

Melita said...

i also have a hoodie in black and LOVE it. i have so many tranquilit pieces at this point i've lost count. as a matter of fact, i'm wearing the black wrap dress (the winter version with sleeves) over top of the perfect pants with black ballet flats (don't hate me for that one lol). my color choice is black but i like to splash in some color with accessories. when i was at flow yoga in leesburg, va i bought a scarf in peony. kimberly brought some scarfs and headbands in the new spring colors with her.

you can also add me to the list of ugly week. i can't pinpoint what it is exactly, but i just can't seem to shake whatever it is. i have no energy, don't feel like doing anything, would just rather curl up in bed and sleep. but here's to a good weekend for all of us!!

Y said...

That photo from the sartorialist is really striking! The pink shoes stand out so much.

My colour is red!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Pops of Pink are a favorite!!
&& thanks for your sweet comment :]


Mare P said...

i've really been in to hot pink lately and just bought chanel nail polish in splendeur... you'd love it!

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