Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The term has appeared in more than one magazine article and blog entry in the past few months. The economic crisis continues to spiral, and no one seems to have a definitive answer on when it'll end. Meanwhile i've been spending at least a couple hours of my day surfing fashion blogs with 17-year olds in $1,000+ shoes and other "fashionistas" sporting YSL, Alexander McQueen, Commes des Garcons, etc. There's no denying that seeing these gorgeous gals in their impeccable clothes makes me want to drop some serious ca$h. As a recovering shopaholic, it's a dangerous interest, but i'm determined to persevere NOT by denying myself these fun and well-written blogs by these intelligent, beautiful women but by practicing something i admit having very little of: self-control.

I can't deny (and my bank statements refuse to let me) that i've been a little too spend-happy these days. In actuality the total amount of dollars i'm spending hasn't increased, it has simply shifted from dining out and apartment therapy to clothes. Clothes, shoes, bags, belts... you get my drift. And it has to stop. Right. Now. I told myself that after my NYC trip i would stop spending and start saving (more). Easier said than done. With the flux of online sample sales (Rue la la, Gilt Group, Ideeli anyone?) and, i must confess, an irritatingly low self-esteem these days, i am seeking solace in entirely too many shoes. But no more! It seems these days that the fabulous, credit-card-debt-out-the-wazoo fashionista is out and the still chic but cost-conscious recessionista is in. And i'm totally hopping on that bandwagon. Look! There's even a blog about it!

In the recessionista midset, i've been pondering ways to cut my monthly costs. One obvious (besides shopping) is cable. Everyone knows cable TV is ridiculously overpriced and for a single 25-year old? Practically daylight robbery. At about $70/month, i wonder if it's a luxury i can do without. Admittedly i do enjoy my cable-tv shows and especially my DVR. But with most shows available for viewing (for free!) online and the newfound knowledge that there's some cable that'll connect my laptop to my TV, i'm thinking it might be worth it. Really, in the long run, $70 per month isn't that much. But these things add up, n'est ce pas? So, dear readers, i ask you. What do think? To cable or not to cable?


K.Imaginelli said...

I don't have cable & the only time I really miss it is during the Oscars (but this year some website was streaming it from a British channel so I watched it live anyway)

I definitely didn't think I could live without cable but with all the shows online & all the highlights of crazy reality or news shows (that you might usually channel surf through) online as well, I really don't miss it. For my 2 favorite must-see shows (Damages & Gossip Girl), I download the epis on amazon or itunes the day after the shows air. So as far as I can tell, I'm not really missing anything.

Melita said...

i am siding with k. imaginelli on this one. i don't have (and haven't had) cable for quite some time now. my boyfriend and i watch everything we want to from the internet. (plug for hulu.com). it's money that i definitely DON'T miss spending, especially since i don't feel that i'm home enough to get my monies worth (and come to think of it, i'd rather be doing something else instead of vegging out in front of the tube). try it, if you decide you can't live without it, you can always get it again :)

MH said...

Thanks for reading The Recessionista Blog!
Your blog is very cute.

The Recessionista Blog

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i say no cable and more clothes! ;) or should i really say no cable & save? you can watch everything online these days, so what you have to wait one more day, i think it's worth it :)


Bonjour Madame said...

If you can live without it, get rid of it. You are going to have so much more free time to pursue what you really love without television taking up your time and you'll be more selective with what you watch online. When I am home alone I much prefer to put on fantastic music and putter around the house and get things done. Good for you! I'm going to check out the Recessionista blog.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, I posted the same question in status updates on Facebook - I know I should get rid of it for many reasons (it's $93 for cable/internet at my place!) so I know I will save around $40 or $50 by taking the cable out of the equation...but I haven't been able to part with it yet. Let me know what you end up doing and if you like it!


LobotoME said...

less is MORE! ;-)