Monday, March 2, 2009


Yum - just got back to the office from a yummy lunch with a dear friend at Louie's 106, and surprise surprise, i think i may have eaten a little too much. One thing Louie's does that i love is that in lieu of butter or just olive oil, they serve a little plate with small piles of red pepper flakes, cracked black pepper, parmesan, shredded basil, and a couple gloves of roasted garlic cloves onto which diners can pour fruity extra virgin olive oil. The combination is DELICIOUS, particularly on fresh baked baked. It's so simple, i thought, i could totally do this myself at home (and forego the ordering of a $13 lunch entree)!

The sheer simplicity of this delicious concoction reminded me of my "word" for 2009: SIMPLIFY. Have i been living up to it? In some ways, yes, as i've managed to declutter and simplify parts of my living space. In other ways i fear i may have only complicated my life and added clutter, both physical and emotional. I've gotten away from daily journaling which makes me really disappointed. Journaling has been such a powerful tool for me, and i MUST make time for it again.

With my upcoming trip to NY and perpetually messy apartment, i find myself running a constant list of To Do's in my head (and occasionally on paper). I want a couple days to just "breathe and reboot", as the lovely Carrie Bradshaw says, but it'll be awhile before that can happen. In the meantime i hope to savor a few moments of quiet in the midst of all this excitement. Keep your fingers crossed for good, non-rainy weather this weekend!!

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