Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Sale!

Bonjour, mes amies!! I apologize for the lack of posting (as the darling Sarah pointed out, hehe) but this week has been insanely busy. A couple things though...

1. Today is EARTH DAY so make a plan to reduce your carbon footprint NOW!

2. Today is also Staff Appreciation Day so be sure to take the time to thank your staff for being so wonderful. I baked cupcakes (chocolate with cream cheese frosting and vanilla with fresh strawberry frosting) last night for the staff in my office, and they are thrilled. :-)

3. In honor of Earth Day, the incredible Kimberly Wilson is offering a 15% discount on her incredible line of sustainable, bamboo lounge/yoga wear TranquiliT with the code: EARTH. This line is fantastic, and the spring colors are gorgeous!! I ordered the hoodie and savasana throw in peony - the best pink EVER. Happy Shopping!


City Girl said...

When I saw your tweet that you were baking last night, I wondered if it was because of today's Appreciation day. I love that it's called Staff Appreciation Day btw - I asked what we did here for our 2 admins and turns out one of them is very insulted by the whole concept (and has been here for like 20 years) so I was specifically told to do and say nothing. Le sigh. Oh and how do you make fresh strawberry frosting?

Anonymous said...

oooh... a coupon... too bad i'm on lockdown... we have to get a house here.

Caitlin said...

I love me some TranquiliT!

Anonymous said...

unfortunately you couldn't bake enough. i am piano lessoned OUT! i do 62 each week. that's why i'm down here :)

Pink Heels said...

Happy Earth Day!

I love fabulous earth-friendly AND woman made products; especially Kimberly's line of clothing.


Have fun making the Teaism cookies!