Monday, April 6, 2009

Gratitude Journal

I haven't done this in awhile and need it now more than ever so here i go!

I'm grateful...

-that despite years and years of laying out in the sun and even tanning in a tanning bed (i know, i know.. terrible), i have zero sun damage on my face. (Had the BEST facial tonight and will never go elsewhere. If you're ever in Austin, make an appt @ milk + honey spa)

-that despite this awful economy, i still have a job and have a truly amazing boss. Oh and a kickass secretary/legal administrative assistant.

-that Lola's tummy trouble seems to have been a one-night fluke. :-)

-that my next couple of months are filled with fun events like a quick weekend trip to the beach with my Bestie, a bachelorette party and lingerie shower hosted by yours truly, a Memorial Day weekend in beautiful California, a big birthday bash, Easter weekend with my parents, and hopefully an entire weekend in Dallas devoted to friends + shopping. ;-)

-for my recently acquired 5'+ poster of Edward Cullen... currently posted on my bedroom. No. Lie. (in middle school it was Leonardo DiCaprio and in high school the Backstreet Boys)

-for this teasing brush that guarantees me some seriously big Texas hair. Holllaa!!!


Anonymous said...

Edward Cullen is the ONLY reason to watch that hideous Twilight movie!

City Girl said...

Girl - no more tanning beds for you! In all seriousness, glad you have zero sun damage, and yes, gratitude journals are so important. I need to do more with mine.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I had about 100 different Backstreet Boys posters hanging on my wall when I was 10! And yes, you can definitely come to my slumber party! :)