Friday, April 10, 2009

GOOD Friday

Bonjour, dear friends! Can you believe it's already Friday?? Of COURSE i'm beyond thrilled! This week flew by due to loads of new projects at work (love when that happens). Even had to get here early this morning so i could finish a memo (early on a Friday? never!). Another GREAT thing about this morning is that the staff at my firm put on an Appreciation Breakfast for the attorneys to thank us for "being the best" and "doing all that you do to keep us around." Basically my office has been going above and beyond trying to cut costs here and there, and the staff (and I!!) appreciate it because no one's been let go yet. I definitely don't deserve any of the thanks, but i most certainly enjoyed the deluxe breakfast buffet this morning! It reminded me (again) of just how lucky i am to be here.

There's nothing new with moi except that i'm driving up to Dallas tomorrow to spend Easter with my parents AND i scored Death Cab for Cutie tickets (they ROCK live!!) AND i just got my Pour La Victoire shoes (remember my slip during the shopping challenge) AND i'm hoping to wear my Trina Turk skirt i scored from a consignment shop to church this Sunday. Oh and here are some fun things to check out if you're bored. ;-)

1. A la Parisienne has weekly mini French lessons on her blog - so fun! One of these days i'm determined to get Rosetta Stone (um like the day $400 just falls in my lap), but until then i am loving these lessons. Find this week's here.

2. Found another DIY blogger who re-created those amazing studded-pocket-jeans you may have seen on Jak & Jil. Find her instructions here. Am definitely thinking about trying these myself, although I should probably learn how to sew first...

3. Is this not the best business card EVER for a dentist?? Note to self: Must find lawyer-version.

4. Both Kimberly and Nina are in the midst of a detox/cleanse. I'm tres impressed and thinking i need one of my own. But it's SO HARD!! Anyway, they both have fabulous blogs so check them out here and here!

Was planning on a #5, but my partner just dropped by to say he's peacing out which means...

i am TOO!! Have a WONDERFUL Easter, everyone!!!


P.S. Just found my #5, and it's NOT fun. THIS kind of sh*t does NOT MAKE ME PROUD TO BE A TEXAN.

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