Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Bonjour, mes amies!! I'm in a delightful mood, despite my face's slight resemblance to a marshmallow (still un peu puffy from this morning's dentist visit). The sun is SHINING, work email is DOWN which means i can't stress about anything @ work, and i am pleasantly sore from my workout yesterday with Deb (my kickass friend/trainer). Plus it's hump day, which means this work week is mostly over. ;-)

How are you guys doing? Cannot believe it's already April (Happy April Fool's!) and officially Spring. Where has 2009 gone? Am hoping to spend some time revisiting my 2009 intentions/goals/resolutions tonight and perhaps create new ones (tennis lessons? french classes? oui and oui!). Also want to start one of my many DIY projects. Here's an idea of what i hope to create...

1. STUD-MANIA - In case you haven't heard, i. love. studs. And so does the fashion world right now b/c they are EVERYWHERE. I am (patiently) awaiting my stud order from studsandspikes so i can stud the following: faded denim shorts (also plan to distress via razors and sandpaper), vest, white hobo handbag, purple AA "laptop bag" which i intend to use as a sporty handbag, and the list will go on and on... Voila some of my inspiration!

*Studded bag by: Park & Cube*

*Studded denim shorts from: Urban Outfitters*

*Studded chuck taylors by: Karen from Where Did U Get That*

*Studded black blazer by: Gennie from Maison des Reveries*

2. LE SHREDDED TEE - Um... i tried this on some white Hanes t-shirts over the weekend and failed miserably. Juley suggested i try with a 50% cotton 50% stretch material. I have the perfect Mossimo tank and will be attempting le shredded tee part deux tonight!

*Shredded White Tee (that i couldn't master) by: Camille from Childhood Flames*

P.S. Camille's tutorial rocks! i think i just suck... this is also why i don't know how to sew a button.

*Shredded Scarf by: Juley from Swank Heights*

I've done fairly well mastering some DIY design projects so i'm convinced that i too can become a studding/shredding queen. We shall see...

3. CRAFTING - Am also planning to FINALLY start my Bar Trip 2008 Scrapbook chronicling my adventures in the South of France, Lyon, Paris, and London! I'm pretty good at scrapbooking, if i do say so, and have boxes of stickers/embellishments/goodies at my disposal. Will definitely show upon completion :-)

Happy Hump Day!!


Anonymous said...

I love how the studded shorts look ;)

Kirsten said...

How fun! I need to put some energy into DIY projects too.

City Girl said...

Great projects - now that I have finally unpacked from my move, including my crafting supplies, i have no excuse to keep putting it off.

naturally nina said...

thanks for the comment yesterday! I see you are also a HTC! i went to the retreat a couple years ago. love kimberly. anyway, is that photo in the header you? you are gorgeous! :) nice to "virtually" meet you.

Anonymous said...

wow, sounds like quite a trip!!!!!

it looks like i'm in san antonio permanently now. but i'm trying to be positive. next time i'm in austin, which will be like every weekend, let's get together and diy stuff! wouldn't that be fun?!

Anonymous said...

i own a business in san antonio and play flute in the symphony here occasionally. my bf also owns a business here. we just hate it here! we have been half the week here and half the week in austin for the most part but decided it just wasn't working every since we got a boat, and now want to go to the coast for half the week haha!