Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ma Soeur!!!

Guess what?? I just got the following email from my sister:

"I bought some of THESE for you =) I am the best sister ever!!!!"

She's currently in Tokyo (been there on/off for the last month) for work, and what better place to buy Japanese masking tape than in Japan, n'est ce pas? And she's right - she IS the BEST SISTER EVER!! Merci, Ma Soeur!! xoxoxoxoxo


City Girl said...

That's GREAT :)

Anonymous said...

very cool! what are you gonna do with it?!

my family is american and we spoke english, but i went to french school and learned french grammar etc... plus spoke french with mon petit frere and mes copains!

Anonymous said...

Awh wow ...she's so sweet!

Anonymous said...

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xo... sarah