Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pet Peeves/Weekend Plans/Etc.

I've been doing some doc review at work (sounds boring, but it's an easy breezy way to get some hours!), and i'm appalled, APPALLED, by some of the spelling/grammatical errors. Not that i'm not guilty of making some mistakes myself (hello, Manhatten? bah still kills me!), but people, COME ON. Some of my pet peeves...

1. Your vs. You're
2. Affect vs. Effect
3. Using " 's " to denote plural instead of possessive.
4. Misspelling "definitely"
5. Misspelling anything you should have learned how to spell in grade school.

My friend S works at a big time law firm in NYC and shares my sentiment when it comes to these types of errors. She emailed me the other day to say she was doing some doc review and came across an email between 2 lawyers that said something along the lines of, "That's what we must due." I mean... REALLY??

Okay enough of that. If I've offended you, i am truly sorry. My bestie is a self-proclaimed awful speller, but at least she utilizes this little thing called spell check. As for the other issues (aka #1-3 above), well, i just don't know what to say...

Speaking of my bestie, i am beyond excited that we will be spending a delicious 2 days of uninterrupted gabbing/drinking/laying-out/eating/having FUN together this weekend. We've been planning to get out to Galveston (the nearest "beach" around, if you can even call it that) for awhile now because her parents have a lovely (and by lovely, i mean HELLA NICE) bay house there. It'll be my first visit, and i can't wait. I just need a GET-AWAY, ya know? And since i can't exactly hop on a plane to Miami, Hawaii, or let's say, the South of France, this will have to "due". ;-)

In other news, i'm dying a little bit because i learned about the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale being held in NY, L.A., SF, and NOT Austin. :-( I've been longing for a Rebecca Minkoff "Morning After" bag for ages now, but clearly can not/should not be spending that kind of cash on a bag.

Am also lusting after the Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote in this gorgeous, blingtastic GOLD:

There was a GILT sale on F+C this morning, but of course, everything worth buying was snatched up by 11:01 a.m. (sale started at 11 CST). That's really starting to get on my nerves... And don't even get me started on missing the R.M. GILT sale awhile back. Was during my "spending hiatus".

All that being said, my wallet is most certainly pleased with my lack of online sample sale shopping. The sad reality is that with all my student loans becoming due and other annoying necessary expenses (like rent), i don't have much play money left at all. To say i'm a Bitter Betty would be an understatement - I'm pissed. 3 years of painful law school just to have thousands of dollars a month going to pay off my law school loans?? No, thank you. No wonder young attorneys feel trapped. This morning I calculated what kind of salary i'm "really" making (i.e. after paying monthly student loan bills), and it came out to be almost $30k less. Le sigh. One of my fave new blogs, Brunette On A Budget, just blogged about happiness versus big salary. Very interesting and something worth reading. I haven't figured out my answer yet... have you?

P.S. I realize the above paragraph makes me sound spoiled and ungrateful and for that, i apologize. I'm lucky to work at a law firm in Austin - tis not an easy job to get, and mine sort of fell into my lap. So please excuse my brattiness for this one post. Merci!


lily.splendor said...

I was actually looking at my calendar this morning to see if I could fit in a trip to LA in order to hit up the RM sample sale. I was going to tell everyone it was to visit my brother and how lucky am I, there's also a sale. I need serious help.

Lauren T. said...

My big pet peeve is loose vs. lose.

theanalyst said...

Thanks for the blog recommendation. It looks like a great blog and I may have to recommend it on mine!

In these tough economic times, I say be glad you have a job! I know where you are coming from with student loans. I have two graudate degrees (yes, 5 years of grad studies) and owe more in loans than I make. I wish I had a lawyer's salary! Ha! Maybe I should open a private practice and only see lawyers. ;)

Anonymous said...

the one weekend i am not going to the coast you are!

i agree with everything you said about grammar! growing up with a different language i didn't get much english grammar and spelling but i make damn sure that i look stuff up and use spell check etc... before sending any correspondence! my pet peeve is when i find misspellings or poor grammar on published materials. are they SERIOUS?! a company PAID for that! it makes me laugh.

and as for the due... was it a pun? maybe? hopefully?!

Crystal said...

Thanks for the shout-out. :) I also hate bad grammar, and NOTHING is worse than someone who can't spell! It drives me up the wall.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i can't even shop at GILT sale due to international location, hope they start shipping to the UK soon :)