Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Humpity Hump Day!

Bon matin, mes amies! It's a gorgeous Wednesday morning here in Austin, and i'm currently enjoying a (free!) breakfast taco courtesy of the firm. (I find that free food is the best kind of food, n'est ce pas?) I'm in a pretty good mood despite ignoring my alarm's persistent beeping this morning and sleeping in just a touch too late. Oops... Couldn't get my morning pages in, but will definitely catch up tomorrow as i'm working from home in the morning due to another dentist appointment. :-)

ALSO in a great mood b/c i'm getting a pedicure during my lunch break @ the lovely milk + honey spa and guess which color i'm getting? NARS Schiap!! Named InStyle's Best Pink, this shade really is the most perfect hot pink i've ever seen! I haven't gotten a pedi since my sister's visit many, MANY weeks ago (that's the thing about getting $50 pedicures - they last FOREVER) so i'm really excited about this little mid-week indulgence. ;-)

Speaking of PINK, if you're like me and aren't blessed with naturally pink lips, and you start resembling something of a corpse midday when your morning lipstick/gloss has worn off, then i highly suggest getting one of Covergirl's new Outlast Lipstain sticks. (i have it in Everbloom Kiss and adore it!) I was really skeptical b/c not only are my lips completely void of any color, but they are also extremely dry and prone to chapping/flaking/all-of-the-above. But this lipstain really doesn't start to look dry and crackly and for that reason, i'm considering getting ALL the colors. :-) (haha j/k... Mom if you're reading this, i'm JUST KIDDING... sort of)

In other exciting non-pink related news, next Wednesday, April 22, is Earth Day, and i'm beyond excited about going to see the Disneynature Earth special playing in theaters beginning that very day! I think it's basically a condensed version of Planet Earth. I bet it'll be awesome on the big screen so if you haven't seen Planet Earth or you have and loved it, i highly suggest checking your local theaters for this flick.

ABOUT KINDLE vs. BOOKS - I completely agree with y'all. I'm a self-proclaimed bibliophile and love love LOVE collecting books. I think I'd use the Kindle more as a supplement, if that makes any sense. There are some books (usually the latest fiction craze) that i can definitely live without a copy of... you know? I also read extremely fast which can present a problem on trips. On my BAR Trip, for example, I brought something like 10 books and left the majority of them there. So maybe in the end getting the Kindle wouldn't save me any money, but it would save me some space! And i think i'd read more... HOWEVER, i still refuse to shell out that kind of $$ for it so maybe i'll ask for it for my birthday or something. :-)

Last, but not least, if you adore French women and in particular, Garance Dore, as much as i do then i highly suggest you check out her Style feature on Refinery 29 (i bet most of you have probably already seen it). It's so nice to finally see pictures of her and her rockin' sense of style, and i think it's too cute that her boyfriend, Scott of The Sartorialist, took them. Le sigh... what is it about French women?? Oh, how i'd love to be one, just for a day...

Photo courtesy of Garance Dore

Btw - what does "sartorialist" mean??


Melita said...

thanks for the recommendation of the covergirl outlast lipstain. i'm not a big fan of lipstick but i adore lip gloss. i'll have to check that out. i especially notice my lack of color coming back from the dentist just now.

i think you have a really good point with kindle. i also ready books that aren't necessary to keep. and especially on trips would be so much easier than luggin around tons of books just to leave behind.

and i like you, adore all things french. if you figure out the secret to becoming a french woman (even if for a day) please let me know the secret ;)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I have been coveting an Outlast Lipstain Stick. I just fear purchasing the wrong shade. Also, I'm used to lip gloss. I have never even worn lipstick before. I guess I could always buy one at Walgreens, where I have the option to return if needed. :)

Great post!

Anonymous said...

with you on the kindle. there's something classy about collecting actual books.

Anonymous said...

Sartorialist is someone who is interested in tailoring clothing I'm pretty sure.