Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'd Like You To Meet... new pink HOLGA!! After much deliberation (okay maybe not that much), i took the plunge and bought myself this adorable pink holga camera. After hearing such rave reviews about it, i figured it was an inexpensive way for me to have some fun with photography. Plus in this cotton candy pink color, how could i resist?? I am definitely going to name her, as i enjoy naming my inanimate objects. My darling white/pink beach cruiser? Her name is Sylvie. My newish purple ipod? Sofia. As for this baby, i'm not sure... Any suggestions? I'm particularly fond of French names :-)

P.S. Get your own here!

P.P.S. Aside from this purchase, i've cut back on my shopping BIG time. Yay moi.

P.P.P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH!! If you don't know Sarah, she's kind of like, stunning, uber talented, and has an incredible blog. (And also one of the sweetest bloggers you'll meet) Head on over and wish her a happy bday!


Nina (femme rationale) said...

sweet camera! is it digital or film?

it reminds me of marilyn monroe from gentlemen prefer blondes when she sings diamonds are a girl's best friend. maybe marilyn monroe as its name? or just marilyn? haha

it kinda looks like an audrey, too.

Anonymous said...

ok, you are tooooo sweet! thank you! i did not get to spend it shopping in austin as i dreamed... but we did get approved on our dream home today, which makes san antonio so much more liveable!!! thanks again for your bday wishes!

Anna said...

That camera is so cute! I have a pink camera too, but it doesn't work that well. It's pretty low-quality. I desperately need a new one!