Monday, April 27, 2009

Stress: Bad for the Soul

Bonjour, friends. :-( I wish i had delightful news or fun pictures, but non, i regret i have nothing. Instead i have 3 new "URGENT!!" projects (all in diff. areas of the law, btw) and a week full of working mornings, days and nights ahead. I do have some beautiful pics of the bay house and lovely tales from the weekend, but those will have to wait for next time...

Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Working out with Deb after work today

2. Death Cab for Cutie concert on Friday night

3. 90-minute deep tissue massage Saturday night (booked earlier this afternoon when stress level reached alarming high)

4. Healthier eating this week (and feeling better as a result)

What does your week look like?


Manoel José de Santana(Manoel Limoeiro) said...
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Noodlegirl said...

Well your plans future plans sound great. For a change I actually do have something to do this coming week even though I have no friends here.

Wed - Going to see a play called Death of a King's Horseman (Shakespear festival has started in Ashland)

Mon, Wed, Fri - Spin classes

Eat healthier oh thats so hard to do I tell you!

Decided what stuff I want to take back with me to Hawaii when I move back in August.

Ha the last has been my plan since 2 weeks ago and I still have not done anything!

Hope you have a better tomrrow!

Anonymous said...

Where are you getting a massage at? I am always looking for good places in Austin and I'm in serious need of a deep tissue!

Carolyn said...

Krista @ Viva Day Spa - she's the BEST

Anonymous said...

Death Cab! Argh! Je suis tres jealous!!!!