Friday, April 17, 2009

Topshop Envy

Just got an email from my dear friend M with the subject line "Guess where I am?!?!?!" and this picture attached:

After picking myself off the floor, i called her immediately (M works as an attorney in Dallas) and asked if she was kidding. Mais non! She was in NY for work, finished early, hopped on a train to the city and headed straight for Topshop. (You can see why we're friends!) M was my roomie/partner-in-crime when i lived in London and visited Topshop on an almost-daily basis. I consider her my fashion soulmate as she is probably my only friend who TRULY understands my taste.

Jealous doesn't even begin to describe how i'm feeling right now!!

P.S. Despite her excitement, M did say that the NY store is "not Oxford Circus" and that items were way overpriced. Nonetheless, she is still walking away with a few insanely cute things. Duh!


Nina (femme rationale) said...

i would be scared to even venture near the NY topshop - i feel like it's still insane there. but i do love the UK one and hear that one is a lot cooler.

Hanh said...

I was in NYC when Topshop just opened . The line was 3 hours wait, did not make it....

gennie said...

haha yeah Topshop is pretty awesome... A lot of mixed reviews though from people I know. I think it is a bit overpriced but I think the quality is a lot better than H&M so maybe that justifies it?

when my bag almost got stolen, I was out at a bar with my friends in the lower east side and the girl who swiped it was sitting next to me. how random right? this is the first time in my life that it's happened. thank god I got it back! hehe.