Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Few Thoughts...

(B/c it's been a looooong afternoon, and i can't get my head to stop spinning long enough to write a proper post!)

1. Everyone went ga-ga over the Christian Louboutin sale on Gilt Group this morning, but i was beyond disappointed. Sure they had a select few black pumps, but for the most part, the shoes on sale were B-O-R-I-N-G. I want my first pair of Louboutin's (and yes, there WILL be a first pair...and hopefully many more!) to be FABULOUS, yo!

(P.S. My guy friend B's twitter status earlier : "Amazed by number of times I 've seen "Louboutin" on Twitter today. What I gather . . . on sale, causes crazy, and hurts productivity." Haha GUILTY!)

2. The Texas economy has been one of the last to be hit by the Recession (aka Depression Part Deux), but i'm finally starting to see the effects on small businesses here in Austin. Seventh Street Yoga now only has an online presence, and i'm still kicking myself for never taking a class there. The studio was beautiful, and i'm really sad for the owners. My fave lil pet shop "The Furr Factor" has a big FOR LEASE sign in its window, which is really sad b/c i used to take Lola there all the time when she was a puppy (further proof that when i stop shopping, the economy goes downhill!). Sad day...

3. Speaking of the "Recession", if things are so bad then why the heck was the giant flagship Whole Foods on 5th/Lamar BURSTING at the seams today?? Seriously, dude, that food ain't cheap, and even I have had to cut back on my Central Market/Whole Foods trips, but it seems that quality food is going to be the last thing to go on people's lists (which makes sense to me, but oh GOD, talk about major headache getting in and out of there on my lunch break!).

4. Am BEYOND excited that Jen Lancaster's fourth book, "Pretty In Plaid", will be released in just a few weeks!! If you haven't read any of her memoirs, i dare you to not laugh out loud. She's. Friggin. Hilarious.

5. How funny that just yesterday i tweeted about my obsession with Miroslava Mikheeva Duma and this morning, when i checked my dailies, i found that the lovable Garance and i were TOTALLY on the same page! (and yes i realize that it really isn't coincidence at all seeing as how fashion sites discuss her almost daily) I'm so impressed with this fashionista that i'm going to cut this list short and leave you with these stunning, inspiring images... (p.s. i want her hair!!)


Anonymous said...

yeah, she is so pretty.

i had the same thought on the louboutin sale. i really didn't want anything that i saw. of course, i didn't check it out too closely, just what i've come across on blogs.

just realized that i need to link you on my page, doing it now!

lily.splendor said...

Oh funny. I was just about to post about her but I couldn't come up with anything beyond "She pretty." So I decided to save myself the embarrassment and continue my crush quietly.

♥Jozee said...

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by! Glad we could be of service lol. We felt so outnumbered by all the 17 yr olds, we had to stake a claim of our own! heh heh.

Totally did not realize there was a Louboutin gilt groupe sale today--but i think i am over those red soles. Kirkwood, Skovgaard, Demore, Margiela for me! heehe

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i didn't even bother w/the loub sale today. i knew it'd be madness.

and that's her name! i see her everywhere and never figured out her name. cool...thx for the info!

City Girl said...

LOL - the Whole Foods near me is a madhouse anytime, anyday. It boggles my mind, but it also makes sense.

What fashion blogs should I read, oh wise and fashionable one? :)

Anonymous said...

Miroslava Mikheeva Duma is just so painfully cool!
Not even the hideous recession could shake her!

Cari (isnotfashion) said...

I LOVE her style. I lust after it all the time. There is a thread of her style on the purse forum that is always pretty up to date.

♥ Fashion CHALET said...

what a teeny, tiny adorable little stylish thing <3


Hanh said...

I love her style. She is pretty too.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Jenny H. said...

she has amazzzing style.
thanks for posting.
great inspiration.

legally stylish said...

I love finding attorney bloggers! I'm studying for the LSAT right now.. have been for a year already.. haha. Worked in a civil litigation firm for 2 years and always wondered how to mix business cash with stylish.. pretty difficult esp when it must be conservative & client-friendly. so glad i found your blog!!!!!

ps do you have any tips for the LSAT? how did u do on it??